reclaim your voice

For the first time in the history of the Scottish Parliament, we face budget cuts. The threat of tuition fees returning to Scotland has never been more real and we know that student support in Scotland is in deep crisis.

It’s clear, the decisions made over the coming months and by the new Scottish Parliament will affect students in Scotland for a whole generation. We’ve been let down too often in the past. We must make sure that we’re never let down again.

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament election on May 5, it’s time for us to unite and fight for the future of Scotland. It’s time to come together to show how strong students in Scotland can be. It’s time for us to show that Scotland can choose a different way to the rest of the UK.

Join NUS Scotland and demand:
1. No tuition fees in Scotland
2. Protection of graduate numbers and college places
3. Improved student support

“I support the Reclaim Your Voice campaign, which calls on candidates in the Scottish Parliament elections to make three commitments to students:”

1) no fees in Scotland

2) protection of graduate numbers and college places

3) improved student support

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